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is transforming a $26tn industry

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We engineer
delightful digital experiences

Digital economy offers an unprecedented opportunity to design new products, services and experiences designed to stay ahead of changing customer demands.

Soul of Pluto provides you with the wherewithal to design services that guarantee your customers get the digital experience you want them to have every time you engage with them. Leveraging the digital capabilities of Pluto ERP, you can closely align with your customer expectations.

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Enriching your
consumer shopping experiences


In an omni channel world, synchronising clicks and bricks is imperative. “How seamless are you?” Is an oft asked question.

Regardless of which channels, customers expect to be able to consistently, interchangeably and simultaneously use an ever growing number of offline, online and mobile channels and touch points when shopping. Soul of Pluto can help you leverage smart technology to achieve seamless experience along the demand chain.

Digital Operations

Leverage digital power to deliver rich experience and outcomes. Deploying digital operations is no more an option, it is imperative.

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In-store Automation

Harness the power of automation to improve predictability and leverage it to better fulfilling your customers.

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Omni channel commerce

Create seamless experience across all channels of commerce, thrive using consistent branding and comprehensive engagement with your customers.

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Loyalty and Personalization

If you can personalize the way you interact with each customer, you can assure loyalty. Gain greater insight into customers enabling you to personalize and further enhance loyalty.

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