Pluto ERP

Create a comprehensive enterprise-wide system environment that captures data at every point and makes it available across the enterprise.

Pluto ERP enables an organisation to automate its business process effectively - from the procurement to sale in the retail business. Pluto is cloud-enabled, can be accessed from anywhere and any device remotely. Every single aspect of the supply chain and finance can be managed with Pluto ERP.

Pluto’s several modules support every area of your business and rely on a single source of data. This enables stakeholders to make better decisions faster. Pluto is designed for use by business with strong retail operations.
The main components of a retail ERP system includes the following:

Components of PlutoERP

Retail Planning

Enables retailers to undertake planning activities across the enterprise. It enables you to focus on strategies that help a retail store increase sales turnover.

Store Operations

Streamline operations related to store management. Store operations are central to retail chains since market basket analysis, merchandising, inventory management, workforce management and much more is part of this.

Supply Chain Management

Manages the end-to-end supply chain for retailers. Shipping of products or materials dealing with potentially massive amounts of data scattered throughout the world can be easily accessed by all relevant stakeholders.

Demand Forecasting

Retailers can now track past trends and forecast future demand more accurately with Pluto. With accurate forecasting, you can maintain customer satisfaction, maximize sales and reduce inventory costs.

Vendor Management

Capture vendor details, lead time, performance and other details. Compare between vendors and allow Pluto to choose your preferred vendor.

Finance Management

Manage your accounting easily with Pluto. Leverage Pluto’s comprehensive set of tools to manage all the financial aspects of your business, while maintaining high level of regulatory compliance.

Customer Management

Automate processes to capture customer data, preferences and activities with Pluto. Track and increase customer lifetime value, acquire new customers, engage your best customers, keep them engaged and impact your brand positively.

Inventory Management

Enables retailers of all sizes to effectively manage inventory levels and track goods movement. Inventory Management helps oversee the flow of stock keeping units (SKUs) in and out of an existing inventory. Inventory often consumes the highest proportion of the working capital and can manifest as raw material, work in progress and finished goods.

Database Integration

Pluto helps in process management and provides access to real-time reports. The ERP makes the required data available to provide insights into the financial health of your retail business. Moreover, this component of retail ERP systems is used for generating specific compliance reports.

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