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Soul of Pluto has the capability to provide you with full retail and e-commerce solutions for your business – creating a true omnichannel experience by optimising your online presence and extending your retail and merchandise capability to your own chain of stores or to a network of retailers. Our Ecommerce solutions can be seamlessly integrated with your existing systems. Right from designing the shopping cart, to merchandising, customer care support to dynamic pricing techniques and promotions.

Complementing our powerful Pluto suite of retail products, which enable complete ‘line of sight’ of your business, our expertise spans Ecommerce technology blended with consumable web design skills, user experience to deliver omni-channel e-commerce and retail solutions – extending to mobile devices on the edge.

Digital Operations

Leverage digital power to deliver rich experience and outcomes. Deploying digital operations is no more an option, it is imperative.

In the digital era, the winner takes all, or at least most of it. This is no time to ignore the opportunity that the digital channels offer for your business. Digital operations in retail focus around fulfilling the user demands across all the channels of distribution and engagement, and align your strategies for brick and mortar and Ecommerce.

Soul of Pluto can get your digital operations real quick. We can do it for you from scratch, and maintain it as well as your business grows. Having a focused partner to handle your digital operations from an infrastructure point of view allows you to do what you are best at - engage with customers.

In-store Automation

Harness the power of automation to improve predictability and leverage it to better fulfilling your customers.

Getting your in-store automation right can be your key differentiator against competition. It gives you the power to entice new customers into your store. Automation can enhance shopper convenience by delivering a seamless, omnichannel experience. Soul of Pluto has the wherewithal to help you choose the right solution for each format and channel, and to integrate all of it into a unified system.

Omni channel commerce

Create seamless experience across all channels of commerce, thrive using consistent branding and comprehensive engagement with your customers.

Well planned omni channel strategy ensures your presence wherever your customers are, and yet, assures that they engage with your brand and products in the same, consistent way. Soul of Pluto’s deep expertise with omni channels is worth the leverage for you so you can get the optimal focus on all the channels you operate in.

Loyalty and Personalization

If you can personalize the way you interact with each customer, you can assure loyalty. Gain greater insight into customers enabling you to personalize and further enhance loyalty.

Most personalization is about leveraging what you know about your customers. Brands may have lots of data about their shoppers, but that doesn’t mean they’re using them effectively. Smaller brands may already be closer to their customers, which can help in knowing how best to communicate with them.

Personalization is about striking gold with the right channels, the right place, the right moment and the right message all at the same time. Even managing to get one or two right can drive real benefits. Customer loyalty programs can provide insights that can change the very way you do business to become more individualized.

Soul of Pluto understands the DNA of retail customers deeply, and can leverage it on your behalf to help your business grow exponentially.

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