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Retail businesses are distinctly different business, with their own challenges, and diversity that is unique to the industry. It is among the few industries where your employees engage with customers face-to-face, which is critical to your business performance. Take advantage of Pluto HR, a comprehensive software module that captures all the HR functions like contacts directory, attendance, leave encashment, incentive calculation and all employee records from onboarding to exit.

Implementing HR software can help mitigate a multitude of issues that retail businesses face.

Consolidate Hiring Processes

Using Pluto HR software for recruitment can streamline the hiring processes allowing you with more time to focus on quality of the hire. Applications are filtered and potential employees are shortlisted based on skills, experience and predefined keywords. This will save managers or HR professionals time that they can use to focus on candidate selection.

Using workflows, the whole hiring process can be made consistent and easy to track performance of the HR. Having records of every step in the hiring process for each applicant can help to protect retail businesses in the event that an applicant claims the company engages in unfair hiring practices.

Helps forecast seasonal demand

The workforce requirements at retail businesses fluctuate based on seasonal demand. This means they must plan for permanent and contract staff based on forecasted demand of the previous years. This makes the hiring and onboarding processes easier. Based on performance, contract/temp staff can be offered permanent jobs after assessing their performance on the system.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Run employee surveys to capture feedback from employees and get critical data that helps you change policies. Also drive rewards and recognition that will make employees feel appreciated.

Being able to access their own information and plan for leave and vacation can make employees feel empowered and valued, while it reduces the load on executive to take requests, receive schedules, and view payroll information.

Improves Work Culture

Working with a system that gets your back, can be such a relief for employees. It helps them communicate better with other departments on issues relating to themselves or about the work culture, creating a consistent mode of communication without any bias.

Provides Data for Decision Making

Analytics makes it possible to cross reference data from different areas of HR and sometimes even financial information. These options can help managers and employers to identify patterns that can be useful in decision making and planning. Many HR software solutions even provide data in real-time, so decisions that will drive revenues can be made instantly.

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